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As wood flooring professionals, we have most every type of wood flooring available, and we have the knowledge, experience and expertise that will bring together your wood flooring and decorative needs in a savvy way. No matter your style, we have it all from standard and wide wood flooring to light wood floors and dark wood floors.

Southern Wood Floors has an extensive inventory of wood flooring. Most popular types of wood used for wood floors include Hickory, Southern New Heart Pine, Antique Reclaimed, White Oak, European Oak, American Black Walnut, and many more.

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Choosing A Wood Floor For You And Your Home

Our clients at Southern Wood Floors frequently say “we did not realize there were so many types of hardwood flooring. How do we make a choice with so many options?” We offer these broad guidelines :

  1. Choosing from types of hardwood flooring is the basis for all other décor. Your wood floor determines the appearance of your home interior. Perfect home décor is sacrificed by choosing a wood floor not suited to its design. For example, a “low country” home with 2 ¼” red oak floor will not achieve the anticipated interior appearance. Floor choice defines almost every décor and design element. Determine your style.
  2. Start with color and interior photos. Light, medium, or dark sounds simple. A clipped magazine photo often reveals the anticipated color and style options. Why? Because it helps you find the look and color you favor. Once you choose a color and style technical issues of installation or finishing or even budget can be managed. But first if you want a dark traditional floor- define dark. Understanding “dark” allows a wood selection that accepts that color. Use our Wood Floor Gallery and Products to begin your search.
  3. Understand your expectations. Expectations play an important role in floor choice. Since wood varies in color from tree-to-tree and expands and contracts to its environmental conditions every day, it is important that your flooring advisor be able to assist you in making informed choices that meet your wood floor expectations.
  4. Know the technical points of the floor. You selected color and style, now the technical points should be evaluated like Engineered versus solid, wear layer thickness and gloss versus satin. What do factory finished warranties really cover? Southern Wood Floors can answer all those questions. Use our Installation Guides and Finish Guides on this website to find answers.
  5. Understand how to build a wood floor budget. Knowing the line items for a floor budget will assist you in understanding the individual elements of your installation project. It’s simple to say $6.50/square foot to establish a builder allowance but you must first know the style, color, and technical aspects of the wood floor to create a reliable budget. Southern Wood Floors can assist you in understanding product costs, installation costs, finish costs, retrofit costs, and every aspect of a complete wood floor installation.
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Below are a few types of wood flooring we offer. Click a box for more info.